The City of Fort Valley Animal Control

The Fort Valley Animal Control Unit is a component of the Fort Valley Police Department.  The animal control unit is responsible for enforcing city ordinances pertaining to animals.  Fort Valley does not, however, operate an animal control shelter.  Stray animals picked up by the animal control officer are taken here, to Peach Veterinary Care.


Every effort is made to reunite lost pets with their owners.  If you have lost a pet in Fort Valley, call us here at (478) 825-1233 or contact the animal control officer at (478) 825-3383.  Pet owners will be required to reimburse the city for any expenses incurred while housing their pet and must comply with all city ordinances prior to being released. 


Animals with identification are held for three working days here at the hospital.  After the three day hold, they are transferred to a rescue group. 


Any request for animal control assistance should be called in to the Fort Valley Police Department during normal business hours using the non-emergency phone number.  After normal business hours, you may request assistance by calling 911; however, the animal control officer may not respond to your request until the next business day.