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Wellness Exams

Every pet should have an annual exam!  Early detection of problems can mean a higher chance of curing the ailment or better  management of your pet for a longer, healthier life.



We offer the following vaccinations:  Rabies (Cats & Dogs)  Distemper (Cats & Dogs), Canine Bordetella , Canine Influenza and Feline Leukemia. 


Laboratory Testing

We offer a wide range of testing for your pet including heartworm tests, Feline leukemia tests, fecal flotation, complete blood count and chemistries and many others.


Spay & Neuter

Spay and neuters require your pet to be dropped off in the morning and picked up in the afternoon.  All pets dropped off must be current on Rabies vaccination or will receive one while they are with us.



We are a full service animal hospital, therefore, in addition to spay/neuter surgeries, we also perform declaws, dewclaws, ceserean sections, tumor removals, hernia repairs, amputations and many other procedures depending on your pet's needs. 

Dental Care

We offer full dental exams and services for cats and dogs.  We do cleanings and extractions. Dental health in pets is very important, so call today to schedule your appointment.


We have digital x-ray service which provides quick turn around and ease of sharing should your pet need a specialist.


Micro Chipping

Microchipping is beneficial if your pet is ever lost or runs away.  We implant microchips in cats and dogs using chips from AKC Reunite.

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- Vaccinations
- Microchips
- Surgical procedures
- Dental Care
- Declawing


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